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Welcome Children...

To the Imaginarium.

A world where all imagination is free to be expressed to all those deemed worthy.

Here, mystical beasts fly, run and swim.

Wizards, mages, witches, warelocks and the like create spells beyond your belief.

Animals roam free from human reach, finally free to tell their own tale.

Parallel worlds.

Strange aliens.

Even everyday blandness...

Anything your imagination can create can be found here.

But warning, there be dragons.

So skipping the la-de-da magical stuff.

Here you can R.P anything you want!

Wondering what the theme is?

Well....There isn`t one!

Just go to the forums, make a new form and write the rules and plot of your R.P, you don`t even have to ask to get it aproved.

Just go ahead and start!

You are also allowed to start a chat too.

Just do the same thing for an R.P, make a chatbox, make rules for your chat (swearing, no swearing.ect)

Then bingo! You`re done.

If you only want certain people in your R.P then type that down there too but i can`t say for certain that people will listen so it might be better to just do it in inbox.

You can also put pictures and write stories for people to read and look at as well but no sexual stuff.

The ONLY Rules are:

No Sexual content, Only in inboxes.

If you`re going to have swearing allowed then make sure you list that amoung the other rules before you start so you don`t make people feel awkward and uncomfortable.

No spamming or interupting and R.P or chat.

It`s just plain rude.

Be kind to other members.

I`m not saying you HAVE to like everybody but if you have a problem with someone don`t have a huge diva fit over it and start rumers about that person, just ignore them and they`ll probuablly leave you all0ne.

Listen to the Admins/Moderators.

They have my permission to kick people off if they get 3 strikes from breaking the rules of if it`s just a really strong offence.

That`s about it for the rules.

                                                              Have a great time! - Rayne :D